[WF-DV-LT1] Analog Video Mini Digital Recorder – WiFi/Smart Link

  • Analog Video Mini Digital Recorder – WiFi/Smart Link

    ‣ Operates in 2.4GHz frequency bands compliance of IEEE 802.11b/g/n.
    ‣ WEP,TKIP and AES,WPA,WPA2 hardware encryption schemes.
    ‣ P2p smart link watch video everywhere.
    ‣ Analog Camera Input.
    ‣ Slim design for portable or coverd.
    ‣ Built-in high sensitivity microphone and AGC amplifier.
    ‣ Internal and external microphone switchable by APP
    ‣ APP operation both on iOS / Android system.
    ‣ Can be powered by portable battery bank.
    ‣ Black/White color choice.

  • Device Hardware

    ‣ Resolution: D1 Max: 30fps
    ‣ Video in: NTSC/PAL composite video 1Vp-p 75 ohm
    ‣ Audion in: 2Vp-p 1K ohm
    ‣ Camera power: 5V Max: 200mA
    ‣ Build in Microphone: Yes
    ‣ Compression Algorithm: Video H.264 / Audio:PCM
    ‣ Video File Format: AVI
    ‣ Picture File Format: JPG
    ‣ Wi-Fi Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz ISM Band
    ‣ Video Recording Mode: Standard / Motion Detection
    ‣ Memory Type: Supports up to 64GHz SDHC Micro SD
    ‣ Frame Rate for transmission: 10/15/ 20/ 25/30 Adjustable
    ‣ Time Stamp: Yes
    ‣ LED Indicator: Power/Wi-Fi/Record
    ‣ Vibration Alert: No
    ‣ Power Input: DC 5V
    ‣ USB DC output Voltage/Current: No
    ‣ Power Consumption: MAX 1.3W
    ‣ Battery Type: No
    ‣ Backup power: 5 day for RTC back up
    ‣ Charging Time: –
    ‣ Operating Time: –
    ‣ GPS: No
    ‣ APP: iOS / Android
    ‣ Weight: 13g
    ‣ Dimension: 54.5*28*10 mm

    Device I.O.

    ‣ Power Key: Yes
    ‣ Record key: Yes
    ‣ WiFi Key: Yes. Wifi on/off, WiFi reset
    ‣ Micro USB: for charging
    ‣ Micro SD slot

    APP software

    ‣ Device List: Yes add/delete
    ‣ Device Status: Yes on line/ off line
    ‣ Device QR code scan: Yes
    ‣ Video Record allocation Select: Phone memory/ Card memory
    ‣ Photo take allocation Select: Phone memory/ Card memory
    ‣ Video resolution indicator: Yes
    I‣ nternet connection indicator: Yes
    ‣ Battery Level/Charge Icon indicator: Yes
    ‣ Memory Capacity Indicator: Yes
    ‣ Video Recording alert Indicator: Yes
    ‣ Photo Taking alert Indicator: Yes
    ‣ Spy page: Yes
    ‣ Quick setting Page: Yes, Brightness/ Contrast/ Flip/ Mirror/ Microphone Volumn
    ‣ Device Name Label: Yes
    ‣ Brightness: Yes
    ‣ Contrast: Yes
    ‣ Flip: Yes
    ‣ Mirror: Yes
    ‣ Mic selection: Yes, External/Internal
    ‣ WIFI on/off: Always on, off after 1/3/5 minutes without connection
    ‣ APP lock: Yes, Password Enter
    ‣ Resolution: D1
    ‣ Frame per second: 10/15/20/25 frame
    ‣ Recording Video Length: 1/3/5 min.
    ‣ Motion Detection Recording: Yes
    ‣ SD File operation: Browsing, Delete, Downloading, Live play
    ‣ Overwrite: On/Off
    ‣ Adminstration password: No
    ‣ Date/time stamp on/off: Yes
    ‣ Date/Time Setup: Yes
    ‣ Date/time synchronization: Yes
    ‣ Frame counter stamp on/off: No
    ‣ ID stamp on/off: No
    ‣ ID edit: No
    ‣ GPS coordinate stamp: No
    ‣ SD Total Capacity Indicator: Yes
    ‣ SD Usage Percentage: Yes (Real time)
    ‣ Battery Voltage Indicator: Yes (Real time)
    ‣ APP version indicator: Yes
    ‣ Firmware version indicator: Yes
    ‣ Back to factory default: Yes
    ‣ Firmware Upgrade: Yes

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