Wireless Video & Audio

[VAC-UHF UHF] AC Audio Transmitter Module

  • -Light Thin Small
    -Uses AC current for power source
    -Long-term use and easy operation
    -No power switch
    -PCB Module can be used for any covered application

  • Model Name: VACA-3994551(A), VACA-3994551(B), VACA-3990301(A), VACA-3990301(B), VACA-3986051(A), VACA-3986051(B)
    Center Frequency: 399.455MHz (VACA-3994551(A), VACA-3994551(B)), 399.030MHz (VACA-3990301(A), VACA-3990301(B)), 398.605MHz (ACA-3986051(A), VACA-3986051(B))
    Operating Voltage: AC 100V~110V, AC 220V~240V
    Mic. Effective Range: 15m (From center)
    Trans. Range: 50~100m (Open space)
    Transmission Power: 10 dBm
    Operating Temperature: 0~60°
    Operating Humidity: 20~90%
    Weight: 3g
    Dimension: 23.6*14*6 mm
    *(A)=110V, (B)=220V

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