Improve Life with Radio Technologies

Intelligent autonomy at the edge with cutting-edge radio wave sensors. Track invaluables with robustness. Save lives with non-contact vital sign readings.

Core Competences

Founded June 2003 in Taipei, Taiwan, we specialize in RF related products. With a group of elite members, we provide customized, mission critical products to customers around the world.

RF Optimization

With more than 32 years of experiences, we know RF inside out. From analog to mmWave, one stop shop here.

HW Design

Nothing beats a stable, carefully thought out platform. In AVDS we pay extra attentions to all the details.

Advanced Algorithms

Performance isn't our only key factor. From embedded firmware to cloud data analytics, we cover a wide portfolio.

Power Efficiency

There is no magic bullet for battery applications - our HW and SW team work closely for optimized results.

100% Satistified

Customization with reasonable schedule and cost. From concept to mass production. We provide only the best.

Fast Time to Market

WiFi, BLE, GPS, mmWave RADAR, cameras, IoT sensors, and so on. Wide varieties with deep understandings.


Vital Sign Monitoring

Heart rate reading comparable with conventional oximeter and intelligent respiratory pulse detection.

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Object Detection

Up to 180 meters detection range. Configurable range and speed resolution. Highly optimized noise reduction and signal extraction algorithms.

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In-Vehicle Sensing

Child presence detection. Intrusion alerts. Seat belt reminder. Occupancy classifications. All in single RADAR module.

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Tracking with Confidence

Advanced, integrated, and user friendly GPS products which had been widely-used in commercial and military field, where reliability and stability are most concerned.



Better and Faster

In AVDS, we make customized design and modification of our products to meet your specific needs, with unmatched service quality and product performance.

  • Accurate - ultra high sensitivity
  • Easy to use - speed up integration
  • Small size - easy to work with

mmWave RADARs

Powered by industrial leading technologies and SoCs, optimized antenna designs and proprietary algorithms, our mmWave RADARs deliver performance best of its kinds.



Fluid level measurement

Down to sub-millimeter level distance resolution and optional flow speed detection.

Companion LTE, WiFi and BLE gateways are also available as customization options.



In-Vehicle/In-door RADAR

Proprietary antenna layouts optimized for indoor and in-vehicle applications with hybrid and non-uniform FoV.




Detect pedestrians up to 120 meters away and cars up to 200 meters away. Multiple antenna configurations available depends on application requirements.

GPS Trackers

With more than 15 years of accumulated experience on GPS design, we have been devoted to supplying the best products and services to fulfill customers’ needs.



Expandable protable tracker

I/O rich with built-in motion sensor and backup battery. 4 general purpose inputs with configurable level triggers, 4 general purpose outputs, 1 TTL/RS232 and 1 miniUSB. VT-300 is the ultimate solution for versatile applications




Smart and reliable GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle track- ing device which is developed and designed for vehicle real-time tracking and monitoring use. VT10 is suitable for many applications such as vehicle security, asset / fleet management etc.




Compact in size. Easy to mount by magnetic installation with ultra low power consumption and IP67 waterproof housing.

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